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King’sForth Properties are tailored to our client’s specific needs. By using a bespoke approach to each client, we achieve maximum benefits to our clients, whether they are buying, selling, letting or renting a property. Our client specific approach and the largest property inventory in the market ensures each client has more than one option to choose and from giving them a good chance of finding the right home, whether they are buying, selling or renting.

KingsForthProperties Real Estate Broker offers first class real estate services for a wide base of clientele. Based in Dubai, United Arab Emirates and possessing a vast client base with properties across Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we are best placed to assist diverse clients with different requirements. With our key values apparent in our business model, we strive to achieve the highest level of customer service by providing our customers what they require and most of the times exceeding their expectations.


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With years of experience in selling and letting apartments, villas and townhouses in Dubai and Abu Dhabi, we offer you a truly first-class service when you look for your dream home or plan to sell a property.


Whether you are looking for a small, compact space or an office that will provide a workplace for hundreds of employees or a warehouse to store your goods, we have plenty of options for you to consider.


One of the biggest dilemma as a landlord is whether you should hire a property supervision services company or not? Many landlords manage properties on their own, but there are situations when..